At Carolina Drawers, we feel the need to do what is right.  In regards to the environment, we take things an extra step to ensure that the next generation has the same opportunities and healthy surroundings that we have today.  By eliminating waste and improving technology, we can care for our environment and reduce green house gases.

We recycle nearly 100% of all wood in our plant.  It is used as boiler room fuel and is not placed into overcrowded landfills.  All plywood received is CARB compliant while other incoming material has the proper Lacey Act “Declaration Form” paper contained. Our UV flat line produces Zero VOC’s – (Volatile Organic Compounds).  We also recycle the unused finishing material.  Everything from print cartridges to copy paper is recycled! We continuously work with our local utilities provider to minimize our power consumption and have shifted the plant work hours to benefit both entities.

Carolina Drawers also feels strongly about our local community.  We encourage involvement and we participate in local charities by having food drives and fund raisers, and by volunteering our time.  Our employees are involved with local sports, educational organizations, and religious groups.  The rule is: “Lead by example.”

And finally, “Wood is Good”;

“The trees reproduce naturally and prolifically. Nearly twice as much hardwood grows each year as is harvested and in the past 50 years, the volume of hardwood in American forests has nearly doubled. Foresters work with the timeline that Nature dictates: sustained supply and ongoing replenishment are the result.” Credit to hardwoodinfo.com